Biennale Gherdeina – cordes y butons

Biennale Gherdeina cordes y butons

Biennale Gherdeina – cordes y butons

7th Biennale Gherdëina

– a breath? a name? 
the ways of worldmaking

08.08. –
20.10.2020 curated by Adam Budak


Worldmaking – Worlds like words multiply in the narrative of lives we conduct. One after another, and the one next to it, they proliferate in an organic process of symbiosis and growth. American philosopher, Nelson Goodman underlines the world’s collective self-referentiality, its interdependency and plurality: “If I ask about the world, you can offer to tell me how it is under one or more frames of reference; but if I insist that you tell me how it is apart from all frames, what can you say?” Nelson sees the world as a fabric of interwoven narratives; our role is to retell those narratives. To find the strategy – the way to do it – is what constitutes and determines our task: “We are confined to ways of describing whatever is described. Our universe, so to speak, consists of these ways rather than of a world or of worlds. (…) The  many stuffs – matter, energy, waves, phenomena – that worlds are made of are made along with the worlds. But made from what? Not from nothing, after all, but from other worlds. Worldmaking as we know it always starts from worlds already on hand; the making is remaking.”¹

Biennale Gherdeina – cordes y butons